The human being, the longing for freedom, the dreams and the security

Getting out of your comfort zone takes a lot of courage and energy. Often we are not ready for this.

Letting go where we want to hold on, moving on where we want to stop.

These are the most difficult tasks that life presents us with.

But when is the right time to live dreams, to satisfy longings and to give up certainties?

It is now, right now in this moment.

Through bright and harmonious colors and vibrant structures in my paintings, I motivate the viewer to break away from social norms and structures.

To accept changes as challenges and to enjoy the diversity that life offers us.

Driven by my longing, passion and imagination, I create my world on images and invite you to accompany me on a magical journey to the symphony of life.

Be a passenger with heart and soul

Nicole Guida is an  "up-comin, autodidactic artist" for whom creativity has always played a major role.

At the age of 12 she learned the instrument guitar and stood on numerous stages. In 2004 she traveled to Chicago and produced her first CD with well-known musicians from the scene. After that she continued writing her own songs that reflected real life, singing in rock bands, various duos etc.

At some point she decided to end the music career and discovered her passion for painting. Here she arrived and found what she was looking for a long time.

Nicole Guida, "Guidnic" was born in 1966 and lives in Eberbach, an idyllic town near Heidelberg.